Sunday, July 19, 2009

HES WALKING! is my baby. I know he doesn't look like a baby thats because he grew up on me all of a sudden. The past year has gone by so fast i cant believe it. And now I have a child that can walk. They really do grow up fast! It still feels like yesterday that I was in labor telling my husband in the labor and delivery room that I thought I was going to DIE! haha Well I didn't die and I have such an awesome, handsome, smart, and sweet baby boy. They really are blessings. I really am so excited for all that is to come with him in the next few years. He just took off one day and started walking and I am sure he will do that with everything. Once he decides to do something he will just do it and do it well!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pool Time

Here is Noah and me at Carson Pool. That pool sure has changed since high school it went from hole in the wall to theme park!! He loves the pool and wants to dive right in, even when im not looking! He has NO fear!! 

Fourth of July!

This Fourth of July we went to Water Wheel. It was a lot of fun my sister and I went cliff jumping! Noah loved it because he was outside and there was water!! 

The blogging world

Well Hello! I finally joined the blogging world, because of my dear friend Kami.  I thought this would be an easier way for friends and family to keep up with us over in Kentucky, and to see updated pictures of Noah.