Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noahs 2nd Bday!!

Let me just say that i CANNOT believe Noah is 2!! I keep telling people," We were busy this weekend because Noah just turned 1 and we had his first bday party!" And everyone is like you mean 2?!! I refused to believe anyone that told me that kids grow up fast but this past year just flew by!! I am officially getting old...remember when your parents use to say time flies and a year is not long!! And you were like, your crazy im 6 and a year seems like an eternity!! Well i am on the other side now!! I am the crazy parent and a year is sooo quick!! Anyways...on another note we will be moving again! Remember when we moved last year, well we are moving again this year. Probably sometime in October, and we are moving to Georgia!! I am excited because it is always exciting to see what this new place has in store for us. I am going to miss all the friends i made here though.=( It is going to be very busy around here and i will be very stressed out im sure and not someone that anyone will want to be around but, i will try not too be although it will be very hard!! Well here are some pics of the bday and his party!