Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jacks Wings....yummm

Okay... We have been wanting to try this wing place for a while. We finally did yesterday and let me tell you they are the best wings I have ever had! So many people told us how awesome they were and usually they arent as good as you imagine but they were!!!! I want them again like now!! Its a little hole in the wall that is right down the street from us and they are soooo yummy! If you live in KY try Jacks Wings!!! (maybe I will get some free for advertising!haha)
And the other picture is of Noah when we were eating them, this is his new smile he does whenever I take a picture of

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The past couple weeks...

So the past couple weeks Matt has been in WLC (warrior leaders course). His blazer broke down and Noah and I were stranded! It was not fun, so I got his vehicle towed and found out it wasnt good news. So..... he got a new Jeep! It is really nice and he his sooo happy! He has been wanting a jeep for a very long time. And today he graduated his course!! I am soo proud of him he did such a good job! He got an awesome grade and hopefully that will get him promoted soon!!:)Here are some pics!

Friday, January 8, 2010


OK so I have obviously never lived where the high for the day is 16 degrees! I mean really does those places really exist? I didn't think so, but in case you don't know they for sure do exist! So it has been very cold!!! I don't know if you have been listening to the news but there have been lots of storms and snow in the mid west. Well it started to snow yesterday and it is still snowing right now! I took Noah out yesterday and he absolutely loved it! He didn't care it was cold and threw a major fit when it was time to come in!haha Then when Matt came home we went out with our neighbors and made a sled with lids and cardboard! We should really invest in a real one! There is a small slope out back so thats where Noah and daddy went down! They had so much fun and then once again when it was time to go in....yep a fit was thrown!lol Here are some pics!