Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sheeesh!!! A lot has happened!!......

Where to start?? Let see Its been since the 4th of July....
Well the first week of Aug. My family flew to Florida and We met up with them!! It would have to be one of my favorite VACAs ever!! We went to Daytona Beach 2 days and we all had a blast body surfing!! We went to SEAWORLD and Noah loved that!! So did Matt and i because we were able to go on the rides they had there!! Noahs favorite thing was the aquariums they had there!! Yes he is gonna be a genius!!!=) He didnt really care too much about the shows probably because he got soaked by Shamu due to the fact that he insisted on being in the front row!!hahaha!! And then one day we all went shopping all in all an AWESOME trip!! Wanna do it again asap!!
big news!! I have a 3 year old!!! Noah turned 3 Aug. 11th and he had a DINOSAUR party! I made his most awesome cake!! It was the first year I decided to take that on and I do believe it turned out pretty good!!=)
More big news... Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Sept. 1st!! We went out and saw a movie together which actually is a very rare occasion we can find a sitter we trust to watch Noah. We had so much fun eating popcorn and candy at the actual movie theater!!!! AMAZING i know!!lol!
And some small news....I turned 26 on Sept. 10.
And the BIGGEST news of them all??? Noah is going on the potty!!! Yep thats right he is a big boy now!! He literally does it all be himself and it have been extremely easy so far! I am so happy that it hasnt been as dreadful as every mother has described!!! I am so Happy!!! So proud of my big boy!!!=) Here are some pics of the last couple months!!
Well im sure there is much much more that im forgetting but these are the MAIN things that happened!!!=)
Noah playing in the sand at Daytona!!!

He just loved all the fish in the aquariums!!=)

*Make a Wish!!*

My cake skills!!lol!!!

Has his game face on!!!;p

My BIG boy!!

Our anniversary date!!=)