Thursday, October 28, 2010

Okay, so ALOT has happened since my last post... Lets see...our 4 year anniversary, my 25th birthday, We moved to Georgia, went to Florida for a much needed Vaca, and my mom and sister came and helped me put my house together!! Oh and while they were here we also went to Panama City Beach, FL! It was so fun! We are getting adjusted to GA and so far we love it! I miss my friends but this is how it is in the military life so we deal with it. The first week back to work, Matt got promoted to Sgt.! So he is my "little" Sgt....I mean he's now Sgt. Little!!haha I am so proud of him! I have tonz of pics but ill try and limit they are!! Promotion Ceremony! So proud of him!

Mom and Cassi's visit!

Our NEW home!!

Florida Vaca!