Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fall/winter festivities!!

Well since my last post...Halloween and Thanksgiving has come and gone!! WOW and Christmas is right around the corner!! Well Noah is getting sooo big and has a HUGE personality!! He talks soo good now. Well Lets see in October he fractured his arm and ended up getting a cast!! That was tough...everywhere i went i got the look from other parents. I seriously felt soo bad as it was and then i get the dirty looks from everyone! He fractured it on one of those bounce house slides, at a military function...and Matt won a 40 in lcd tv there also!! So that day was good and bad. Well he got the cast off 2 weeks later... and then Halloween came and he looked absolutely adorable in his dinosaur costume! He liked the costume he just didnt like wearing it!lol He is a very stubborn and determined little boy!! But we convinced him to wear it... Then Thanksgiving came and Matt and I made everything!! We were very proud because it was our first time cooking a turkey...and it turned out fabulously delish!! It was just the 3 of us and it was perfect! And this will also be the first Christmas when we arent coming home and it will be just our little family!! And Noah tells us everyday...."Santa, presents, ah good boy, JEEP!!" He wants a power wheels jeep and Santa is gonna bring it if hes a good boy!!lolhaha He is soo smart! Anyway here are some pics of the last month or so...

How the hurt arm happened!=(

The splint and sling before the cast!

Noah with his GREEN cast! (he picked out the color!)

lil' dinosaaauuur!!

OUR Thanksgiving FEAST!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Okay, so ALOT has happened since my last post... Lets see...our 4 year anniversary, my 25th birthday, We moved to Georgia, went to Florida for a much needed Vaca, and my mom and sister came and helped me put my house together!! Oh and while they were here we also went to Panama City Beach, FL! It was so fun! We are getting adjusted to GA and so far we love it! I miss my friends but this is how it is in the military life so we deal with it. The first week back to work, Matt got promoted to Sgt.! So he is my "little" Sgt....I mean he's now Sgt. Little!!haha I am so proud of him! I have tonz of pics but ill try and limit they are!! Promotion Ceremony! So proud of him!

Mom and Cassi's visit!

Our NEW home!!

Florida Vaca!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noahs 2nd Bday!!

Let me just say that i CANNOT believe Noah is 2!! I keep telling people," We were busy this weekend because Noah just turned 1 and we had his first bday party!" And everyone is like you mean 2?!! I refused to believe anyone that told me that kids grow up fast but this past year just flew by!! I am officially getting old...remember when your parents use to say time flies and a year is not long!! And you were like, your crazy im 6 and a year seems like an eternity!! Well i am on the other side now!! I am the crazy parent and a year is sooo quick!! Anyways...on another note we will be moving again! Remember when we moved last year, well we are moving again this year. Probably sometime in October, and we are moving to Georgia!! I am excited because it is always exciting to see what this new place has in store for us. I am going to miss all the friends i made here though.=( It is going to be very busy around here and i will be very stressed out im sure and not someone that anyone will want to be around but, i will try not too be although it will be very hard!! Well here are some pics of the bday and his party!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This year the neighbors and us grilled out and a bunch of people came. We were lighting off fireworks and our other neighbors didnt appreciate it I guess, cause they called the mps on us. Anyways it was fun while it lasted and here are some pics of the festivities!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fam Pics!

We took these at Saunder Springs its like 2min. away from our house and I think the location is soo beautiful! BUT the day we took these photos it was sooo HOT!! I was soaked in sweat and Noah wanted to play in the spring aka Water! I am so glad we got some good ones considering the heat and Noah wanting to play in the water!! Here they are!=)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My AZ trip!

I went to Az a couple weeks ago... but wasnt there very long although i did sooo much! My brother Luke had never met Noah so that was the main reason we went! Luke and Noah ended up being good buds(Noah was scared of him at first)! We went to Sedona to see my grandparents and also to Jerome! I got to see some friends and hang out with them too! It was a great trip and had soo much fun here are a few pics!

Noah is also quite the little fish!! We went to the pool
almost everyday, he loved it!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last night Tobey Keith came and played at Fort Knox!! We had soo much fun! Noah did good til about 9pm...right before Tobey came on..figures! We didnt stay the whole time but Katherine Mcphee was one of his opening acts which i thought was awesome! We all had fun..Noah was entertaining everyone with his dancing skills it was sooo cute! Well here is a few pics of the concert.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The funnest day!!

So this weekend it was actually warm...Cant you believe it?!! I couldnt! I was like " Im going to walmart and getting a slip n slide even if its the only day we use it!!haha Well Noah absolutely loved it! He kept wanting me to push him down it. I even slid down it a few times and im still sore! We had a blast! It was our neighbors last day before their VACA so it was good to hang out with them before they left. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reorganizing Noah style!

Noah decided that our shoes needed to be reorganized! He decided to move all our shoes to the stairs. I thought it was so cute and he was so proud of himself. He is soo cute and funny!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Noah new Tramp!

Noah got a trampoline this weekend. He just loves it and I love it too! It gets him worn out and its just the perfect size for him. He can get up and down all by himself, and I am so happy he can play outside now that the weather is warmer!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Day

Here are some pictures of Easter! In the morning Noah got his basket full of fun things but he only cared about the eggs / candy! Later....Our neighbors had a few families over and Matt and our neighbor grilled. It was sooo good there was everything you could imagine to there. We did our own egg hunt and Noah was a lot better at this one! He is just getting so big and I dont know how it happened!:) I love it!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

coloring eggs!

This year Noah was old enough to color eggs! He actually got really into it and didnt want to stop! He loved it and was surprisingly very good about not making a mess and doing it! My neighbors did it with us and we had lots of fun! Here are some pics!