Saturday, May 12, 2012

So a lot has happened since i blogged last.. im not gonna post a million pics or write about EVERYTHING....BUT i am gonna sum it up with a few highlights!!:) I went to Az in March and was there for almost 2 weeks. I had a great time with friends and fam!! Noah got some pics done while we were there!! A few weeks ago Matts work had their squadron ball that we attended and had a blast!! Matt did the colors at the ball and did a fab job!! Oh and one more thing im PREGGO!! Yep i know its like so quick...ok not really since Noah will be 4 this year(which is crazy!) we r so thrilled!! Noah doesnt call it a baby he calls it a "DOT" since it is so small and not quite a baby just yet. So for now we call it baby 'DOT'!:) Well that pretty much sums it up!!:)