Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


YES!!! I am having a jewelry party at my house!! OK so here are the details.... its going to be on October 2, which is a Friday, at 7pm!! It is going to be sooo much fun I cant wait! I just got a bunch of new things! Let me know if your coming RSVP me at littlehawaiianjade@yahoo.com or simply call or text me!! Thanks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 30th birthday!

So yesterday was my 24th bday. I went to White Castle for dinner, i know fast food but thats what I wanted cause id never had it. And it was really good! My sisters boyfriend, i guess you can say, and my sister tried to trick me and texted me the whole day pretending to be a guy i use to date. And let me remind you that i dont have the same number so i was wondering how he got the number and he claimed he got it from my parents. So, I called and my mom and she was like NO i did not give anyone your number. Well to make a long story short they were texting i miss you, i keep thinking about you ect...ect.. and guess what im doing?? Well nothing i didnt text back really after the first text that said happy 30th birthday! After i found out who it "was" i quit texting but finally they came out and said hey this is Kyle, me and Lacey were just trying to play a trick on you!lol I should have known, but i had a really good bday all in all!!