Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fall/winter festivities!!

Well since my last post...Halloween and Thanksgiving has come and gone!! WOW and Christmas is right around the corner!! Well Noah is getting sooo big and has a HUGE personality!! He talks soo good now. Well Lets see in October he fractured his arm and ended up getting a cast!! That was tough...everywhere i went i got the look from other parents. I seriously felt soo bad as it was and then i get the dirty looks from everyone! He fractured it on one of those bounce house slides, at a military function...and Matt won a 40 in lcd tv there also!! So that day was good and bad. Well he got the cast off 2 weeks later... and then Halloween came and he looked absolutely adorable in his dinosaur costume! He liked the costume he just didnt like wearing it!lol He is a very stubborn and determined little boy!! But we convinced him to wear it... Then Thanksgiving came and Matt and I made everything!! We were very proud because it was our first time cooking a turkey...and it turned out fabulously delish!! It was just the 3 of us and it was perfect! And this will also be the first Christmas when we arent coming home and it will be just our little family!! And Noah tells us everyday...."Santa, presents, ah good boy, JEEP!!" He wants a power wheels jeep and Santa is gonna bring it if hes a good boy!!lolhaha He is soo smart! Anyway here are some pics of the last month or so...

How the hurt arm happened!=(

The splint and sling before the cast!

Noah with his GREEN cast! (he picked out the color!)

lil' dinosaaauuur!!

OUR Thanksgiving FEAST!!